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You can now Order Online! Purchasing online allows you to reserve bottles for pickup at the vineyard, or we can ship them to you.  This is a great option because we only produce small batches of handmade wine, and we occasionally sell out for the season.  When you place your order, we will contact you to see if you would like it shipped or held for pickup.  Please note that each glass bottle weighs about 3 pounds, needs to be well protected during transit, and needs to be signed by an adult (all of which adds to the shipping cost).  Typical shipping charges in Kentucky are $16 for one bottle, or $35 per 12 bottles.   It will ship via FedEx and arrive the next day.  To purchase on your phone, scroll to the bottom of this page and click the link "View Desktop Version".


White Wines, listed from sweet to dry:

Loui – $10 (Sold Out)

Our Loui wine is the sweetest white wine we make and is made from Riesling icewine kits from California.  This wine is very aromatic with hints of lychee and high in natural sugars.  We serve it cold, which makes it very enjoyable during the warm summer months.  Loui is named in honor of the city of Louisville.

Lexi – $13 

Our Lexi wine is made using Traminette grapes grown here in Kentucky.  It is semi-sweet with hints of honeycrisp apple and apricot.  We recommend serving slightly chilled.  Lexi is named in honor of the city of Lexington.

Rhubarb – $13

Our Best Seller!  This is a rose made from Crimson Red rhubarb stalks, giving it a beautiful pink color with hints of strawberry (although it is made entirely from rhubarb).

Strawberry – $13

Sweet sweet strawberry wine, made with local strawberries.  This year, Strawberry has been a fast favorite, we are already on our second batch! 

Bluegrass White – $12

This is a blend of white grapes we produce from our vineyard, which includes Traminette and Vignoles.  This is crisp and similar to a honeycrisp apple.  

Shelby – $13 

Our Shelby wine is made from Chardonnay and Chardonnel grapes. Both grapes have a similar flavor but the Chardonnel vines can withstand the cold winters we get in this part of the country.  We ferment our Shelby wine in generous amounts of French oak, providing a hint of vanilla.  This is the only dry white wine we produce and can be served either chilled or at room temperature, but we prefer chilled.  Shelby is named in honor of the city of Shelbyville.

Red Wines, listed from sweet to dry:

The Duke – $10

The Duke wine is our second most popular wine and has hints of chocolate and black raspberry.  This is an excellent wine when served at room temperature on a cold day (a perfect Christmas gift)!  This is our sweetest red wine, but it is also slightly higher in alcohol content.  We recommend this as a dessert beverage, but you may also try this with your favorite chocolate candy.  The Duke is named in honor of the city of Paducah.

Makin' Momma Happy - $12 

A nicely sweetened, soft red wine, sure to keep mama happy!  Serve lightly chilled for best flavor!  

Blackberry – $13 

Blackberries tend to make excellent wines, especially when using locally grown fruit.  We produce a light-bodied blackberry wine that is fermented to dryness, but moderately sweetened prior to bottling.  This is a great fruit wine and is best served slightly chilled. 

Blueberry - $13 

We made a small batch of Blueberry wine this year to see how it turned out... and it turned out AMAZING!  It is our 2nd most popular wine behind our Rhubarb.  We have nearly sold out of Blueberry for this year, but we plan to make more next year. 

AuBurn - $10 

Do you know someone who loves spicy?  We took a semi-sweet red wine and added jalapenos, and lots of them!  

Try a bottle of sweet heat this weekend, we only produced a few cases.  Since it is a specialty wine, it comes in a half size bottle.

Bluegrass Red – $11

This is a blend of red wines we produce from our vineyard, including Chambourcin, Villard Noir, and Noiret.  This wine varies from year to year depending on our growing season, but it ranges from semi-sweet to off-dry.  We fermented and aged this wine in small amounts of French and American oak, which gave it a subtle earthy flavor.

Blue Line – $10

Bluegrass Vineyard supports our men and women in blue, and a portion of each bottle sold will be donated to Smiths Grove and Warren County first responders, as well as the Kentucky Fallen Officer Trust.  If you would like to learn more about donating to our first responders, please email us and we will put you in touch with some great local organizations.  This is an easy-going Pinot Noir, aged without oak.

Mammoth – $13 

Our Mammoth wine is made primarily from Merlot grapes and has a robust Merlot flavor.  This is fermented and aged in French oak, imparting only subtle flavors from the wood.  This is an excellent wine for pairing with foods, or for sipping at the end of the evening.  Mammoth is named in honor of the the world's longest known cave system, Mammoth Cave, right here in south-central Kentucky.

$13 (Sold Out, Available in April 2019)

Our Commonwealth is a blend of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.  The Cabernet Franc grapes are grown in Kentucky, while the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes originate from California.  This is a big bold red wine that we ferment in French oak and age in generous amounts of medium- and heavy-toasted American oak.  The mixture of different oaks adds to the complexity of the flavor.  Commonwealth is another wine with excellent aging potential!